wednesday december 28th, 2016 a woman by name Reshma w/o Saleem Javeed boarded an auto from Bismillah Nagar, Bannerghatta road till Shivaji Nagar. While getting out of the auto she happened to have forgotten her purse with 4 gold bangles and 4 rings. Devastated by what had happened to her unlike others,she remembered the details on the display card which read as driver name: UBEDULLA. R/O SARAYI PALYA. As she recollected this detail she went to Shivaji Nagar mand High Ground police station for display card search. She then came to Frazertown traffic police station where the driver details were traced down. The police then returned a call to the driver who told that the bag was with him. The total amount of gold ornaments returned to Mrs Reshma weighed approximately 80 grams. So dear citizens such incidents may occur quite often but not all auto drivers will be as generous as Ubedulla to return it. Henceforth, make sure that the auto that you board has a display card and you read it. We never know how the information could be important to us. It definitely helped Reshma from loosing her gold and inccurance of huge loss.